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We are here to help!

Are you at a crossroads in your fundraising journey and need help with raising the necessary dollars for annual, capital, or planned giving?  Are you a volunteer or staff member at a charity or not-for-profit organization that is in need of more resources to ensure your sustainability and quality of service?    Are you considering setting up a development office or position?

We are pleased to be serving and to have served many organizations on their paths to growth in giving.    We have served volunteers, staff and donors in guiding campaigns, implementing programs, gift planning, communications, strategic thinking, and feasibility studies.  We believe its important to enable people to channel their passion into compelling action.


Working with you to determine the best approach to achieve your needs is an important first step.

Experience - Causes

Communities are made up of people  who strive for justice, mercy and care.  People throughout history have been compelled...


There are many resources on the internet in relation to all aspects of fundraising.  Keep in touch to view the listing of resources we find valuable...

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